Cyclone Motor Performance Testing
500 Watt Motor - 26" Mountain Bike

  Model: Montague Hummer
  Source: E-bay
  Price: Approx. $500
  Tire Size: 26"
  Tire Pressure: 65psi
  Cassette: 7 speed, 11-28
  Bike Weight w/ Batteries: 73 lbs
  Rider Weight: 220 lbs
  Gross Weight: 293 lbs
Motor Kit:
  Model: Cyclone 500 Watt
  Chainwheel: 44 Tooth
  Optional Watt Meter: Watt's-Up
Battery Pack:
  Type: NiMH
  Capacity: Two 24v 13Ahr packs in parallel for 24 Volt 26Ahr total
Trip Description:
  Location: Santa Ana River Trail, Orange County, CA
  Elevation: 100' Above sea level average
  Terrain: Level, asphalt bikeway
  Weather: Sunny, Wind 1mph, 74°F
Trip Start Readings:
  Voltage: 27.1
  Amps: 0
  Watts: 0
  V-min: 27.1
  A-max: 0.06
  W-max: 0
  AmpHours: 0
  WattHours: 0
  Battery Temp: 70°F
  Motor Temp: 72°F
  Top Speed: -
  Avg. Speed: -
  Total Distance: 0
Trip End Readings:
  Voltage: 23.42
  Amps: 0
  Watts: 0
  V-min: 17.57
  A-max: 41.76
  W-max: 925.6
  AmpHours: 22.772
  WattHours: 518.6
  Battery Temp: 88°F
  Motor Temp: 102°F
  Top Speed: 24.4mph
  Avg. Speed: 19.4
  Total Distance: 23.2 miles
Calculated Values:
  WattHours/Mile: 22.35
  Miles/KWh: 44.74
  Voltage Drop: 3.72
  Actual Whrs vs Rated Whrs: 518.6 vs 624 = 83.1%
  Actual Ahrs vs Rated Ahrs: 22.772 vs 26 = 87.58%
Trip Log:
For this test ride we wanted to see how a couple of the NiMH batteries would do when powering the 500w motor. The riding style was not so conservative as shown by the 19.4mph average speed - that's fast for an average considering we had to go slowly around other bikes, across bridges and when avoiding pedestrians. Total mileage was much lower than expected, probably due to the high speeds. (Note: later rides with more conservative riding have yielded about 50% more total miles with this battery and motor combination.) Our notes for this ride indicate cruise speeds of 18-22 mph with current readings of 20-26 amps continuous with wattage readings of about 480 to 525 watts at cruise speed in 5th gear. Orange battery condition light on throttle came on at 11.1 miles and continuous red LED occurred at 20 miles. After going red, speed was reduced to 12mph to the end of the ride.

It is obvious that higher speeds will reduce range significantly. In this test we increased our riding speed from our conservative 14mph (about what just pedaling a normal 60 cadence will produce on this bike in the highest gear)up to 19mph. That 5mph increase reduced our range by about 50% when compared to later tests that came in at around 32 miles for the same motor/battery/bike combination. You can go far or you can go fast, but you can't do both.
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