Cyclone Motor Performance Testing
360 Watt Motor - 20" Folding Bike

  Model: Downtube VIII
  Source: E-bay
  Price: Approx. $250
  Tire Size: 20"
  Tire Pressure: 65psi
  Cassette: 8 speed, 11-28
  Bike Weight w/ Batteries: 65 lbs
  Rider Weight: 150 lbs
  Gross Weight: 205 lbs
Motor Kit:
  Model: Cyclone 360 Watt
  Chainwheel: 44 Tooth
  Optional Watt Meter: Watt's-Up
Battery Pack:
  Type: NiMH
  Capacity: 24 Volt 13Ahr
Trip Description:
  Location: Santa Ana River Trail, Orange County, CA
  Elevation: 50' Above sea level average
  Terrain: Level, asphalt bikeway
  Weather: Sunny, Wind 2mph, 72°F
Trip Start Readings:
  Voltage: 27.21
  Amps: 0
  Watts: 0
  V-min: 27.21
  A-max: 0.06
  W-max: 0
  AmpHours: 0
  WattHours: 0
  Battery Temp: 74°F
  Motor Temp: 76°F
  Top Speed: -
  Avg. Speed: -
  Total Distance: 0
Trip End Readings:
  Voltage: 19.64
  Amps: 0
  Watts: 0
  V-min: 16.77
  A-max: 30.15
  W-max: 638.8
  AmpHours: 17.42
  WattHours: 289.6
  Battery Temp: 88°F
  Motor Temp: 81.1°F
  Top Speed: 19.8mph
  Avg. Speed: 13.8mph
  Total Distance: 21.2 miles
Calculated Values:
  WattHours/Mile: 12.08
  Miles/KWh: 82.8
  Voltage Drop: 7.57
  Actual Whrs vs Rated Whrs: 289.6 vs 312 = 78.19%
  Actual Ahrs vs Rated Ahrs: 17.42 vs 13 = 134%
Trip Log:
This test was performed side by side with two 20" folding bikes. I rode one bike and the other was piloted by a much lighter rider at 150 lbs. Our objectives were to see how far we could go on the 13Ahr NiMH batteries and what the differences would be between basically identical bikes with one rider at 220 lbs and another at 150 lbs. Each bike was ridden and shifted differently based on each riders style and feelings. Because we were trying for maximum range, our riding style was conservative - lower speeds and gentle acceleration. Both bikes were under motor-only power for approximately 90-95% of the trip.

Cruising for both bikes was in the 12-14mph range in 3rd to 5th gears with average currents of about 10 amps at around 250 watts. Our bike with the light weight rider went 19.8 miles before the orange LED came on continuously. Being heavier, I had an orange LED at 17.4 miles. Our light rider got to 22.1 miles before getting a constant red LED, I only got to 19.8 before being in the red. As shown above, the lighter bike achieved a total trip of 23.98 miles while my additional 70 pound weight shortened my trip to 21.68 miles. Considering that this is a single, 11 pound battery of only 13 AmpHour capacity, both of these mileages were pretty impressive.

Most importantly, we demonstrated some pretty high Miles/KiloWattHour figures. The light-rider bike turned in an impressive 82.8MKWh while I got 74.58MKWh.

The distance and mileage figures for my bike might have been better if I had not crashed part way through the test. Somehow I did not see a barrier in a parking lot at the beach (mid point of the trip). I completely flipped my bike and tweeked the derailleur so that it would not shift into gears lower than 6th. This meant that I was going up hills, accelerating and even cruising in gears that were drawing more current and thus draining the battery faster.

Even though the NiMH battery is rated at only 13Ahrs it delivered pretty much the same speeds and mileages as the 18Ahr SLA batteries - and the NiMH weighs only 11 lbs compared to 26 lbs for the SLA. I was impressed at the NiMH battery's ability to go to a very low level of discharge - 16.77 volts. Even though speeds drop when the voltage gets low, the NiMH battery just kept going. On both bikes the NiMH was able to put out over 30 amps peak which is enough to climb medium grades provided you gear down and sometimes do a little pedaling. Also surprising is the fact that our measured total AmpHour output was well over 100% of the rated figures for both bikes. 134% for the lighter bike and 113% on my bike. Even though the battery is only rated as a 13Ahr battery, we actually got 17.5Ahrs average from these two bikes.

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