Electric Bicycle Motor Kit
From Cyclone-USA

Cyclone-USA introduces a completely new electric bicycle motor kit with more power and more range than any other bicycle motor kit on the market today. The unique brushless DC motor features an integrated planetary gearbox that significantly multiplies the motor torque. The result is fantastic climbing and cruising power from a small, efficient motor. Using the standard battery pack, the Cyclone motor system can achieve 30 miles without pedaling and 40-50 miles with very moderate pedaling.

The Cyclone system is the first electric bike motor kit to work with the bike's rear deraileur to take full advantage of your bike's gearing system. The kit can be installed on bikes with 6 to 8 speed rear cassettes. The result is a motorized bike with great low gear power and a comfortable high-end cruising speed.

The motor kit is available with either a 360 watt or 500 watt motor. It comes complete with a universal mounting bracket and all parts necessary to convert most standard or folding bikes to e-bikes with just a few hours effort. The links above will provide all the information you need to get a Cyclone Motor Kit working on your e-bike project.

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